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-Original Review - 6/6/2014-
Wow wow wow!

Pulling off of route 15 I wasn't expecting much out of a winery/vineyard that was still pretty close to the shopping madness that is Leesburg Outlet. As our mini van passed through the entrance of Tara Winery, all doubts were immediately erased.

The long gravel path that leads you from the roadway entrance to the wine tasting parking is a long and beautiful drive. I felt like I was home among the trees, the gorgeous lake all surrounded by beautiful green foliage. My emotions were mixed as I felt jealously for not owning such an amazing piece of property, joy for being in a place that appealed to my nature loving side and uncertainty as the sky looked like it was about to open up and rain down on our wine tasting excursion.

We parked the mini van in a gravel lot and headed up a path to the main wine tasting area. Before we reached the entrance, there were a series of wooden stairs that forced us to carry our two monkeys (strollers and all) up a few flights.

Finally reaching the entrance I marveled at the design of the building as it appears to have been built into the side of a hill. The outside of the wine tasting entrance had a large deck where patrons seated at tables overlooked a tall drop who's high elevation was masked by thick green trees. Just a beautifully amazing sight that said, "Nature is the setting while people and their building are just visiting."

We walked inside the door, down the hallway and were met by a cashier who greeted us with a big smile and showed us a listings of the wines that we would enjoy as part of the wine tasting. The wine tasting was only $10 which wasn't too bad for the price.

Once we started tasting the wine, we were happily surprised and gleeful at paying only $10 for the wine tasting. The wine was delicious and to date was THE best VA wine I have ever tasted. After enjoying some whites and reds we settled on buying a bottle of Charval white which was chilled and perfect for such a hot summer day.

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Teen beauty queen fired after bridal show gig

by unimportantcrap

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — A Texas beauty queen suing for a shot at Miss America had her title revoked two days after choosing to model wedding dresses at a bridal show instead of appearing in her crown and sash, the teenager's illegal alien mother testified Friday.
That angered leaders of the Miss San Antonio pageant, Lorena Briseño told jurors, because they felt her 17-year-old daughter sent an inappropriate message by wearing a wedding gown as a minor, not realizing that a 17-year-old Mexican bride is old!
Dominique Ramirez wants a jury to restore her as Miss San Antonio

All Day Praise and Worship Music Marathon in San

by Beagle_Dad

You do not want to miss this!
MOMAR Music and Rise Above Ministries have teamed up together to hold one of the largest all-day Christian Music Marathons ever held in San Antonio. 16 bands will be performing every half hour and ministering through their music. Everybody is invited to come and worship, praise, and sing along all day long! Come on out and support these groups from all over San Antonio and let's show them how much we appreciate their efforts to spread the Word!!
When: Tomorrow, Saturday, August 29
Where: Rise Above Ministries, 5020 Old Sequin Road, San Antonio
Time: Starts at 2PM and ends 10PM - 8 full hours of Worship and Praise Music!!
Heres a map:


by StinkPalm

So then apparently after me and kids left there was even more crap. UT and the rest headed back to the fiance's brothers house. When they get there his other brother who is a drunk is in the middle of a yelling screaming domestic dispute with his wife. So the brothers try to intervene and calm things while all the women were basically kicked out. They had to go elsewhere for a while for things to chill out.
Then sunday comes. UT goes to do her nails and such with her two sisters. They both ended up paying for SIL's nails. A little miffed because we covered just about everything at our wedding and literally expected nothing of SIL but to show up and get dressed up

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'Super showing' at Nashville's first LGBT wedding expo  — Johnson City Press
That's probably why Nashville's first ever "Same Love, Same Rights" LGBT Wedding Expo today attracted nearly 400 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered couples to the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel, where 33 such vendors were all in one space.

Morgan and Cabrina
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