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BERT GRIMM - Bert settled in St. Louis in the late 1920's and maintained a tattoo shop for almost 30 years. He married Julia Lechlin of St. Louis who later worked at the shop running the photo portion.

Bert was the second person to be inducted into the Tattoo Art Museum's Tattoo Hall of Fame in 1983. The St. Louis Old School Tattoo Expo will celebrate Bert Grimm's contribution to St. Louis with a special exhibit of photographs and artifacts.

The Legend of Bert Grimm

by Don Deaton

By 1952, when Bert Grimm moved to my hometown of Long Beach, California, he was already a towering legend in the tattoo world. Like all myths and legends, however, it's sometimes difficult to sort out the hard facts from the fantasies that have built up around the mythic hero.

Lurking in the streets and back alleys of our local amusement park there had, it seemed to me, always been tattoo shops, which served the Navy, merchant fleet and local bravos and scallywags. It was in that area that Bert, already a famed tattooist from St. Louis, bought his Long Beach shop. He purchased it from a woman tattoo artist, a German by birth, who subsequently faded into oblivion. But Bert's fame and renown, considerable at the time, was still rising. He soon filled the windows with picturesque photos of the many people he had tattooed, and the walls were crowded with boldly executed design sheets. By '56 he had opened five shops in the amusement park. But, by '57, other people in the tattoo trade, anxious to cash in on the considerable business that Bert had generated, persuaded the city to pass a ruling to limit the number of shops that one person could own. Though many thought the ruling was of questionable legality, Bert decided to abide by the new law and to beat the competition using another great talent that he had mastered. He was a self promoter of the highest calibre, who used his popular little shop as a theater where he presented the tales and ballads of his colorful past.

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