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Motor City Tattoo Expo

Saturday afternoon we made our way to the Marriott Hotel in the GM Renaissance Center for the 19th annual Motor City Tattoo Expo. From the looks of it, they are going to need to find a bigger space. It was packed. It was shoulder-to-shoulder through most of the expo, and the booths were packed tight.

At each booth you could find some of the nation’s leading body artists. The unmistakable hum of the tattoo gun intermingled with some live music in the back corner. It was exactly the sort of crowd you would expect to find at a tattoo expo. People who had anywhere from one tattoo to bodies that were simply running out of space. Tattooed heads, necks, thighs, backs and even faces wandered around chatting and comparing their artwork.

tattoo1Every tattoo artist we passed had someone in their chair, blue gloved and diligently going about their craft. I can imagine the Motor City Tattoo Expo is a very lucrative weekend for all the artists. I saw signs that said Atlanta, Pittsburgh, New York, Los Angeles and of course.. Detroit.

From chatting to a few people at the event it was very evident that Detroit’s tattoo convention is in a league of their own. Moving forward it is apparent that they will on the hunt for a bigger piece of the Renaissance Center or a larger venue entirely.

The event ran from Friday all the way through Sunday evening and was for the most part packed the entire time. There were even a couple of bars sprinkled throughout the expo. After all, this isn’t the kind of crowd that is scared of a few beers.

We look forward to 20th annual Motor City Tattoo Expo here in Detroit no matter which venue it lands in. Here are some photos we took while we roamed the convention floor.

An artist at work.

Another happy customer adding to an extensive piece of work.

tattoo3 tattoo2
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Popular Q&A

Detroit Motor City Tattoo Convention?

Anyone here going?

I'm going Saturday to get my foot tattooed.

If you're in the area, go!

It's March 2nd-4th.

They have a list of artists and pages to view their work.

If I was going to be in Detroit, I would most definitely be there.

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