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Reptile Expo or Shows

New England Reptile Expo

Next Show:

Sunday, October 12
10:00 am-4:00 pm

Radisson Hotel
Expo Center
700 Elm Street
Manchester, NH 03101

Just off of I-293 Exit 5
Corner of Elm and Granite Streets
Adults: $9
Children 7-12: $5
Under 7: free
Admission is cash only. Some, but not all vendors do accept credit cards.

Parking Note: Parking in the covered hotel parking lot costs $5/day- PROVIDED you validate your parking ticket in the machine just inside the Expo entrance on the left. With events going on across the street at the Verizon Arena, the posted parking rates in the hotel lot will sometimes be much higher- be sure to tell the parking attendant if necessary that you are attending the expo in the hotel.

We have now moved permanently into the larger Expo Center facility at the Radisson. The Expo will now feature more than 150 vendor tables! There will be a huge selection of pet reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, cages, books, terrarium supplies, reptile food and much more! This will be by far the largest Reptile Expo ever held in New England!!

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Reptile expo and site......

by mejess

If you register (free) you can check out the classifieds..... they have a feeder section! You can get mice for SUPER cheap. Don't bother with the expensive website ones that charge way too much for shipping!
Also, every month or two there's a reptile expo in Mississauga. It's worth the drive, mice are sold for great prices! You can stock up for a few months and only have to buy food twice a year!
Mice are usually only .30 to .75 each (pinkies to larges), even less if you buy a lot.
Hope this helps!

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