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PDX Reptile Expo

Pick up this deal now, and start getting excited to check out all kinds of scaly creatures!

The Deal:

Tickets to the Portland Metro Reptile Expo for Half Price!

Option 1: Single Adult admission to Reptile Expo $4.50! ($9 value)

Option 2: Single Child admission 6-12 yrs old $2! ($4 value)

Option 3: Family Pack Admission - 2 adults & 2 children $12! ($26 value)

Note: Children under 6 are free

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pdx50 will provide the best local offers from respected local merchants. When you support our merchants, your hard earned money stays local to support your neighborhoods. If you feel we didn’t keep our pledge, give us a call and we'll make it right!

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Reptile expo and site......

by mejess

If you register (free) you can check out the classifieds..... they have a feeder section! You can get mice for SUPER cheap. Don't bother with the expensive website ones that charge way too much for shipping!
Also, every month or two there's a reptile expo in Mississauga. It's worth the drive, mice are sold for great prices! You can stock up for a few months and only have to buy food twice a year!
Mice are usually only .30 to .75 each (pinkies to larges), even less if you buy a lot.
Hope this helps!

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In between competitions, we performed for thousands of people at venues such as the Twin Cities Pet Expo. After shows and competitions, many of the families would stick around to meet and pet the dogs.

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Popular Q&A

When is the next Reptile Expo?

Long Island Reptile Show, Huntington Hilton, Melville, NY on 3/7/09. New York Reptile Show, Westchester County Center, 4/19/09.

Where are there reptile expos in sf?

I had a friend who would go to reptile expos held at the Cow Palace. A quick online search shows that there aren't any being held in the Bay Area in 2012. However there's an expo in San Jose in July 2013.

You might find a 2012 show if you did a more thorough search.

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