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Reading Pet Expo

Wild World of Animals - will have an exhibit area and present shows at the Reading Pet Expo. Voted “one of the top 5 edu/tainment shows in the world for 2006”. Presented by Grant L. Kemmerer III, this show will thrill the entire family as they educate and entertain. One of the main objectives Wild World of Animals has over eighty animals at their facility and will be bringing a leopard cub, monkey, warthog, African crested porcupine & ostriches on display as well as a variety of animals for the shows including a scorpion, toad, tortoise, turtle, alligator, legless lizard, big snake, kookaburra, owl, armadillo & lemur.

(animals are subject to change)

M.A.D.DOGS - Mid Atlantic Disc Dogs- See the high flying sport of K9 disc as K9 disc enthusiasts compete in a Disc Dog Competition. The M.A.D. DOGS Club will hold demonstrations on Friday with the competition on Saturday and Sunday.

Piggyvilla - This unique educational and entertaining exhibit is a favorite at the expo. See the pot-bellied pigs up close and personal in piggyvilla where they will stage fun and informative performances throughout the weekend.

Parade of Breeds - The Berks County Dog Training Club will present an AKC Parade of Purebred Dogs on Saturday and at the Reading Pet Expo. See Championship dogs and talk to reputable breeders about what dog would be best for your family.

Berks County Dog Training Club - will have a designated area for the weekend where they will have on going dog training demonstrations and activities throughout the day. They will also be doing demonstrations in the Dog Ring to include Obedience, Agility, Field Trial Demonstrations, Herding Ducks, Therapy dogs, Service dogs, drill team and nosework

Pet Costume Contest - will be held 5 pm on Saturday in the Dog Arena.

Sponsored by the Animal Rescue League of Berks County

Sharon Messersmith of Canine Valley Training Facility has been raising and training dogs for over 20 years. She is a graduate of Peaceable Paws Level 1 Internship with nationally known trainer Pat Miller and former President of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Sharon has experience with a lot of different types of dogs including dogs from rescues, assertive dogs, high energy hunting and retrieving dogs, shy and fearful dogs. Sharon will be presenting programs in the dog arena this weekend.

Giving your Adopted Dog The Best Furever Happy Life - We will discuss some common behavioral problems seen in dogs that have had a past life with another owner. We will identify reasons a dog will be stressed and how to eliminate the stress by changing their association to the situation that has them stressed. This topic is for anyone that has a dog that is fearful, anxious, or aggressive.

Dog Body Language- How to know what your dog is trying to tell you by reading their body language. We will talk about each part such as their ears, eyes, mouth, legs, tails and their entire body. We will help you understand what to do if they are stressed.

Nov. 22 and 23 Dog Show in Reading....

by aussiesRawesome

The 2008 Kennel Club of Philadelphia Dog Shows will be held November 22 and 23 at the Greater Reading Expo Center in Reading, PA. Saturday’s show will host the National Dog Show which is always televised after the Macy's Thanksgiving parade.
More info can be found at
There is a judging schedule posted for Saturday and Sunday which gives you the ring numbers and the show times for all the breeds.
They are having "Meet The Breed" at these shows. Different breeds are scheduled hourly during the shows so people can visit with owners of whatever breed is featured during that hour

Maybe they had mats already? Or

by catmomma_nli

Maybe you aren't using the right brush or getting all the way through their coat when you brush. Are you using a "slicker" brush made for cats?
I suggest you re-post your question using "long haired cat grooming" in the title. That will attract the professional groomers and long-haired cat owners to your question. Also, repost again on Monday mid-morning when more people are reading.
Even if it is a bit pricey to go to the groomer, it's a good idea to get them to take care of the mats so you can start out fresh. The groomer can teach you how to brush them out properly to avoid this in the future

Up for educational discussion

by msrutzie

I've become an avid reader of dog communication books and I love a good EDUCATIONAL debate (so no flaming without offering something of value please)
Let's discuss training techniques, specifically the alpha roll and other controversial techniques.
My thoughts/experience:
The public constantly needs a new story. As parenting techniques have dramatically changed in the last decade so has dog training. Some for the better and some not.
Along with the alpha roll being taboo the pennies in a soda can, squirt bottles and other techniques are now out dated. It's all about building a 'relationship' with your dog

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