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Pet Expo Springfield MA

Fans of Lassie got a special treat this weekend in West Springfield, MA at the World of Pets Expo when they were surprised to find out they were not only going to see Timmy with Lassie, but be part of Lassie history for the World Premiere of Lassie 10!

Lassie 9 's son has been in training preparing to take over for his famous dad and this event was the first official appearance of the 10th generation of the Lassie line dogs!

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If near the DC area Sept. 9-10 CAT SHOW

by lync

It's held at the Dulles Expo Center and lots of fun. Details:
September 9 - 10
North Hall
Show Hours:
Saturday 9:30am-5:00pm
Sunday 9:30am-4:00pm
$8.00 Adults; $5.00 Children under 12 and Senior 60 and over; $24.00 Family of 4
National Capital Cat Show
One of the Largest Cat Shows in the United States. Spend two days visiting with more than 500 cats. Vendors galore offer cat products, jewelry, food, and artwork. Saturday will feature a house-hold pet show with local cats. Sunday will feature a parade of breeds

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Precision Aerial Ag Show; 8 a.m.-5 p.m. July 10, Progress City USA, Decatur; first-ever outdoor expo for drone use in agriculture, with public exhibits and field demonstrations;

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Popular Q&A

I just got a Ball Python, from the Reptile Expo in Hamburg PA Read Description?

I just got a ball python yesterday from the Reptile expo. it stays out of its hide some times. Also with the heating pad, i didn't stick it to the back i just put it under one side, The heating goes to 80 maybe 82 is there a way to higher the heat?

The ideal hot spot temperature for a ball python is 90 degrees. An under tank heater can get too hot sometimes too, so make sure you have a thermometer with a probe or other device that can tell you exactly what temperature it is.

I us 2-3 layers of aluminum foil with the shiny side toward the heater and tank to raise the temperature. Place them 1 layer at a time over the heater until the temp levels out where you would like it and monitor it daily. Under tank heaters can and will burn your snake.

Do NOT put the water dish over the heater, snakes will not drink warm or hot water.

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