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LPS-01-pr-3-b529eOn May 31st, some seven weeks after it aired its Season Two finale, Littlest Pet Shop goes right into Season Three on the Hub Network. As one of Hasbro’s seven franchise brands, LPS is looking to regain some of the momentum it apparently had lost after Season One. It will do so in a new time slot in 9:30am ET/8:30am CT after the new Teenage Fairytale Dropouts after having My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as its lead-in since its debut back in November 2012. LPS will, at least for May 31st, air a rerun immediately thereafter before MLP airs its two-hour block at10:30am ET/9:30am CT with the first half currently rerunning Season Two episodes and the second half rerunning Season Four episodes.Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch follows after that.

As far as seasons go, three has not been a magic number for shows on the Hub Network. Season Three for Pound Puppies had its moments such as “I’m Ready for My Close Pup, ” “It’s Elementary My Dear Pup Club, ” and “Hello Kitten”; but also had episode like “Hail To the Chief, ” “Once a Ralph, Always A Ralph, ” and “Little Monster” which were complete duds. Plus, it had Niblet’s antics bringing episodes to a screeching halt half the time. In other words, a promising season went off the rails by the end. Sadly, that show is not in the running for a fourth season.

Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures had a 13-episode third season which introduced Huckleberry Pie to the current version of the show, gave each of the girls puppies, an arc about a power outage, and that’s about it. Despite sharing voice talent with MLP such as Andrea Libman, Ashleigh Ball, and Britt McKillip;, this show really hasn’t really stood out and has been pushed earlier and earlier on Saturday mornings (currently 6:30am ET/5:30am CT) along with Care Bears.

Transformers: Prime had a 13-episode third season that was better received, but it was well-known by the time that it would be the final season as there would be another movie coming out in theaters. However, there will be a new series in 2015 starring Bumblebee.

Even MLP had its problems in Season Three as it was just thirteen episodes, which made critically panned episodes such as “Spike at Your Service” stick out more and culminated with the finale, “Magical Mystery Cure, ” which was practically given away weeks in advance in terms of what would happen by the Hub Network. Of course, MLP just finished Season Four and it was arguably its best season yet.

That brings us back to LPS. Season Two ended with Blythe and her stand being a success at the International Pet Fashion Expo and her and the pets on the cover of Tres Blase. Season Two had its hits such as “So Interesting” and “Eight Arms to Hold You, ” and the music by Daniel Ingram was certainly a highlight, but the writing in terms of storytelling was quite off at times and it made the season not as good as Season One in terms of overall quality.

The most adorable thing I've seen so far today.

by MissMelsa

I fostered a Staffy Bull named Irene. She ended up with a young family who had a 18 month old. A year later at Chicagoland Family Pet Expo, the family (with a new baby also) came specifically to our booth to show us pictures of Irene (now called Bridget) sleeping on the couch with the now 2-1/2 year old. It makes it all worth it to see them finally happy.

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