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The first thing I have noticed the last few years, the event has started charging for parking. I don't know if the OC Fairgrounds is requiring the charge or if the Pet Expo has started charging to create more revenue. The only thing I can say for sure: It is annoying. When you are paying $10 (with the discount) to get in and consistently spending $100 once inside, the $5 for parking feels like a nickel and dime thing.

Once you are inside, there are some llamas and pot belly pigs for petting and feeding. In addition, they have some agility dog demonstrations set up, where you can watch dogs jump, run and catch. Forever Wild Animal Sanctuary had a 6 month old tiger on display this year and some snakes. Wolf Mountain Santuary is a regular and this year they brought 2 wolves (including a 6 month old pup) for their exhibit.

The next thing you notice is all the vendors! Food vendors and vendors selling about everything you can think of for your pet. Some of my favorite food vendors are Pink's and Hot Dog on a Stick. There also your usual carnival suspects including burgers, sausage, turkey legs, funnel cakes and many more.

It was also harder to locate some exhibitors this because they were moved from their regular location. It seems more of the vendors were in the fronts and the AKC breed exhibitors were moved toward the back. This seems to be another move to generate more revenue for the Expo.

Some of the best breed exhibitors were Husky Camp and Sunstag Irish Wolfhounds. We have donated to Husky Camp in the past, they are really friendly and half great information regarding Siberian Huskies. Dixie Howell-Hirsch with Sunstag took the time to answer all of my wife's questions regard Irish Wolfhounds and was very friendly.

There are also demonstrations from Anaheim PD K-9 Division, the Bird Man from Vegas, Animal Stars and a horse ranch. In addition, the dog Stella from Modern Family was there and for a donation you could take pictures with her.

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Popular Q&A

Dupage fair ground pets?

i'm trying to buy a pet for a friend, but want them to have the option of the type of animal. is the scott smith all animal expo at the Dupage fair grounds a reliable place to buy pets? i've heard good and bad things about the health of the animals they have.

It all depends on the animal and what they have been exposed too. You could buy an animal anywhere and it could be ill. The best dog I ever had nearly died 12 hours after I bought her from a reputable breeder. Luckily, there is an Animal Emergency Hosp. near where I live. They saved her.

So, that's why you have heard both good and bad things. You just never know.

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