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Ohio has become one of the premier states in the country for hunting trophy white-tailed deer. This big buck was tagged by Joe Thomas of the Cleveland Browns.

CLEVELAND, Ohio - The Ohio Division of Wildlife is moving into a new era of white-tailed deer management with proposals this week that would make major changes in deer seasons, bag limits and hunting hours around the Buckeye State.

The changes proposed to the Ohio Wildlife Council at its meeting on Wednesday include:

• Changing from deer zones to county-by-county deer bag limits.
• The elimination of the traditional early muzzleloading rifle season at three public hunting areas in southeast Ohio; and establishing an early-season statewide antlerless-only muzzleloading rifle deer weekend.
• Elimination of the bonus deer gun season weekend held two weeks after the regular deer gun season.
• An extension of the deer hunting day for gun hunters to 30 minutes after sunset, the same as for bow hunters.
• Elimination of urban deer zones.

The proposed 2013-14 deer seasons are:

• Deer archery, Sept. 28-Feb. 2.
• Statewide antlerless deer muzzleloading rifle, Oct. 12-13.
• Youth deer gun, Nov. 16-17.
• Deer gun, Dec. 2-8.
• Statewide deer muzzleloading rifle, Jan. 4-7.

The switch to county-by-county bag limits shouldn't mean much for most hunters. The proposal allows a season bag limit of four deer in 57 of Ohio's 88 counties. Surprisingly, some of the 23 counties with a season bag limit of three deer are in Southeastern Ohio, the state's most productive hunting area. In eight northwest and western counties, the bag limit would be two deer per year.

The head of Ohio's deer management, Mike Tonkovich, said the season bag limits in the southeastern Ohio counties were lower because they were closer to meeting his deer management goals. Last year, hunters in that region had a season bag limit of six deer.

"Six deer is simply unrealistic, " said Tonkovich. "Few hunters harvest more than three deer in a year, and the vast majority take one or sometimes two deer."

What won't change is Ohio's season bag limit of one antlered deer, or buck. The $15 antlerless deer permits would be good all season for controlled hunts, but expire everywhere else the day before the gun season begins.

Hunters must buy a $24 either-sex deer permit before purchasing an antlerless permit. Deer killed in special controlled hunts sanctioned by the wildlife agency could boost the season bag limit to as many as nine deer.

Archery hunters would be allowed to kill only antlerless deer during the proposed two-day, early-season statewide muzzleloader deer hunt.

Chief Scott Zody of the Division of Wildlife said the goal of county-by-county deer management is to reduce the size of Ohio's deer herd.

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I know the ones your talking about and

by littleredrider

That's not what I have.
Mine is more kidney shaped, with a strap on one side so you could carry it, or run your belt through it and it's a water proof fabric, (camo) not that rubber/plastic like stuff.
It was not overfilled like that, so it was more flat, not a big soft seat. Fairly thin as seats go, and the stuff inside sort of felt like little round balls of something. And when they got compressed by my butt, they produced heat.
I have been to so many hunting expo's over the years, I could have gotten the darn thing anywhere. I just don't remember.

Fathers Day Sportsmens Expo 6/15 Elks Lodge

by 3broads

Father's Day Sportsmen's Expo
Sunday June 15th from 7 AM to 5 PM
Modesto ELKS Lodge
645 Charity Way Kiernan between McHenry and Tully, take Pentecost to Charity.
Modesto, CA
Huge breakfast served from 7 AM to 1 PM and Tri-tips to-go already BBQ'd
Everything Dad would like to do all in one location!
Hunting, fishing, golfing, tools, car audio, custom cars, custom choppers, canoeing, camping, sailing, boating, BBQ, beer garden, baseball, football, archery, scuba diving, trading cards, and many more!!
All sign ups for booth rental spaces are discounted today through June 5th for only $35 for vendors, $15 for table demonstrations and informational booths and only $10 for custom hotrods, classic cars, or choppers

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Precision Aerial Ag Show; 8 a.m.-5 p.m. July 10, Progress City USA, Decatur; first-ever outdoor expo for drone use in agriculture, with public exhibits and field demonstrations; www.paas2014.com.

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