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Hunting Expo in Wodonga

HuntsNT - Hunting Guiding Expo in Albury/Wodonga

We attended the Hunting Guiding Expo in Albury/Wodonga over the weekend of the 9th & 10th of February in 2008. On the Saturday we were overwhelmed, there must have been 4000 people come through. Sunday was more manageable and we had time to talk at some length with visitors to our stand. There was a good balance of exhibitors we had some interesting chats with some of them, even bought a couple of items. In summary a great event that exceeded our expectations. To Peter Costin, the organiser a job well done, we will be back!

9.3 x62 320gn Woodleigh from boars

WoodleighWoodleigh Bullets, what can we say that has not already been said about Australia’s iconic big game bullet manufacturer? Woodleigh has gained an enviable reputation for a range of bullets from 6.5mm to 700 calibres. Woodleigh bullets are really a semi premium bullet and as such their construction and the way they work need to be understood to get the most out of their design. Woodleigh bullets are a weight and momentum bullet and will succeed if velocity parameters are adhered to. We prefer to use the heaviest weight bullets for big boars, water buffalo and banteng. We appreciate that higher velocities will be achieved with lighter bullets but most game are taken under 200 metres there isn’t that much difference in trajectories over 200 to 300 yards. There is also little difference between Protected Point or Round Nose trajectories. Examples of our thinking and experience on this are to use 220 or 240gn in 308 cal in 338 we recommend 250 and 300gn.Photo In 9.3 cal 286gn for boars and 320gn for buff and banteng and for the 375’s we recommend the 350gn. Use the same rules for the larger calibres and you won’t be disappointed. Get the picture, velocity isn’t that critical and big at jogging pace is beautiful.

Woodleigh also produce FMJ bullets, but the new kid on the block is the Hydrostatic bullet or Hydro. This bullet is solid brass with some pressure relief grooves and a cup style head. The cup head produces a soft point bullet type of wound with the penetration and integrity of a solid, perhaps the perfect soft point/solid bullet compromise. Neale Chandler one of our hunting associates in Australia has had a lot of hunting experience, so he knows what works and what to look for in his post mortems. Neale recently went to Africa to hunt Cape Buffalo with Woodleigh Hydros loaded into his 404 Jeffery and was more than impressed with the performance and one shot kills.

Photos supplied by Neale Chandler - Neale’s custom 404 Jeffery and Woodleigh Hydo’s

Woodleigh bullets, an Australian product, proven the world over in the toughest hunting environments.

There is no doubt there are myriad of choices when it comes to optics. Over the years we have owned and used numerous brands of telescopic sights manufactured in Europe, USA and Japan.

When it came time to put new optics on our guide rifles we didn't have any clear choices but we had very clear guidelines. We needed reliability structural integrity to handle the rigours of day to day use by not so caring clients in a very tough environment, bull dust, heat and humidity. We wanted value for money, in other words we didn't want to pay $200 for junk or $1500 for top of the line European models. The optics had to be first class with extra long eye relief, over 3.5 inches as an absolute minimum.

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I know the ones your talking about and

by littleredrider

That's not what I have.
Mine is more kidney shaped, with a strap on one side so you could carry it, or run your belt through it and it's a water proof fabric, (camo) not that rubber/plastic like stuff.
It was not overfilled like that, so it was more flat, not a big soft seat. Fairly thin as seats go, and the stuff inside sort of felt like little round balls of something. And when they got compressed by my butt, they produced heat.
I have been to so many hunting expo's over the years, I could have gotten the darn thing anywhere. I just don't remember.

Fathers Day Sportsmens Expo 6/15 Elks Lodge

by 3broads

Father's Day Sportsmen's Expo
Sunday June 15th from 7 AM to 5 PM
Modesto ELKS Lodge
645 Charity Way Kiernan between McHenry and Tully, take Pentecost to Charity.
Modesto, CA
Huge breakfast served from 7 AM to 1 PM and Tri-tips to-go already BBQ'd
Everything Dad would like to do all in one location!
Hunting, fishing, golfing, tools, car audio, custom cars, custom choppers, canoeing, camping, sailing, boating, BBQ, beer garden, baseball, football, archery, scuba diving, trading cards, and many more!!
All sign ups for booth rental spaces are discounted today through June 5th for only $35 for vendors, $15 for table demonstrations and informational booths and only $10 for custom hotrods, classic cars, or choppers

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GO! Calendar 07/10/14  — Bloomington Pantagraph
Precision Aerial Ag Show; 8 a.m.-5 p.m. July 10, Progress City USA, Decatur; first-ever outdoor expo for drone use in agriculture, with public exhibits and field demonstrations;

CAPCOM Monster Hunter Hunting Card Basic Starter Reoreus
Hunting and Fishing Expo
Hunting and Fishing Expo
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