PA Horse Expo Allentown PA :: EXPO

PA Horse Expo Allentown PA

WHERE: Cedar Beach Park,
Allentown PA
(Lehigh County PA Sports and Health Festivals.)

DESCRIPTION: Annual SportsFest event with 10, 000 amateur athletes, 50 different sports, 150, 000 spectators.

As part of LVSF 2014, a Health and Fitness Expo will be held in conjunction with the four days of competition. The Expo will be held at Cedar Beach and will provide athletes and spectators with the opportunity to enjoy healthy living presentations, sample products, meet local vendors, and to find new ways to make healthy choices.

See Website for vendor information and application.

Vendors Wanted!

See Website for details, schedule, sponsor and vendor opportunities and applications.

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How is the Mn Horse expo?

I wanted to go the big azz world horse expo and didn't make it (yet). I did manage to go to the Peruvian Paso Nationals in Tx, years ago. It was a blast!!!! I still have a T shirt from it. I refuse to throw it out. lol.
A few hundred years ago I went to the Kansas City Royal. :D
No I didn't go to ride, I was totally a spectator. It was a good thing, I'd have fell off a lot due to all my rubber necking.

I know of one place you might be

by Sheltie_Monster

Able to volunteer.
Have you ever attended the MN Horse Expo? It is held every year (3rd weekend in April) at the MN State Fairgrounds.
One year, I volunteered to walk horses for the children's pony rides. It just consisted of walking around and around, leading a horse with kids on them.
This would at least give you an opportunity to meet some other horse-centric people. Express your interest in volunteering, and get to know some people in the horse world.
I can find you a link if you are interested?

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