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The two biggest events held at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison each year will help fund an $18 million project that will replace the aging barns there with two multi-purpose pavilions.

The Alliant Energy Center will receive $3 million from the World Dairy Expo and $1 million from the organization that runs the Midwest Horse Fair pending the approval of public funding for the project, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi said Wednesday.

World Dairy Expo also committed to stay at the Alliant Energy Center for the next 10 years with a five-year option and the Midwest Horse Fair committed to a 20-year agreement, Parisi said.

The most important functions of the pavilions will be housing all the livestock at the World Dairy Expo and horses at the Midwest Horse Fair. Both of the popular events had run out of quality places on site to house animals.

World Dairy Expo drew 70, 000 visitors to its five-day event in 2012, while the Midwest Horse Fair drew 53, 500 visitors in 2012.

Plans call for an estimated 2, 600 livestock and up to 1, 300 horses to be housed in stalls in the two facilities, which will measure 200, 000 square feet and 90, 000 square feet.

The pavilion’s inside walls, including the stalls, will be removable and interchangeable so they will be able to hold events like auto shows and swap meets. The Midwest Horse Fair will be able to use portions of the facilities to include indoor riding arenas. The smaller facility will be heated so events can be held there year-round.

Plans call for the barns to be torn down immediately after the conclusion of the World Dairy Expo this October and construction of the pavilions to continue through the winter so they are ready for the Midwest Horse Fair in April.

“World Dairy Expo is proud to invest in this project, which we believe will enable our event and others to continue to thrive for many years to come, ” Expo general manager Scott Bentley said.

Midwest Horse Fair general manager Rhonda Reese said that the relationship between the Alliant Energy Center and the horse fair is strong and will be even stronger in the future.

The state will contribute $9 million to the construction costs, according to the proposed 2013-15 state budget, and pending approval by the State Building Commission.

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How is the Mn Horse expo?

I wanted to go the big azz world horse expo and didn't make it (yet). I did manage to go to the Peruvian Paso Nationals in Tx, years ago. It was a blast!!!! I still have a T shirt from it. I refuse to throw it out. lol.
A few hundred years ago I went to the Kansas City Royal. :D
No I didn't go to ride, I was totally a spectator. It was a good thing, I'd have fell off a lot due to all my rubber necking.

I know of one place you might be

by Sheltie_Monster

Able to volunteer.
Have you ever attended the MN Horse Expo? It is held every year (3rd weekend in April) at the MN State Fairgrounds.
One year, I volunteered to walk horses for the children's pony rides. It just consisted of walking around and around, leading a horse with kids on them.
This would at least give you an opportunity to meet some other horse-centric people. Express your interest in volunteering, and get to know some people in the horse world.
I can find you a link if you are interested?

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