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Horse Expo Novi Michigan

What is the Novi Equestrian Expo?

The Novi Equestrian Expo will draw and build on the past fifteen years of the popular and long-running equestrian events in Novi. The Novi Equestrian Expo comes to the Suburban Collection Showplace on Friday, November 14 through Sunday, November 16 and features exciting riding exhibitions, an extensive equine oriented shopping area and famous movie star horses and their trainers, too!

At last count, by the Michigan State University Extension Service, the state of Michigan was home to more than 155, 000 horses, with the largest equine population density in Oakland, Livingston and Washtenaw counties in Southeast Michigan. The powerful and internationally renowned local equestrian community boasts many national breed champion horses and decorated riders, and the North American Horse Fest offers the chance to enjoy many of them in one place. Arabians, Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Morgans, Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, Tennessee Walking Horses, ponies, donkeys and more are all represented at the Novi Equestrian Expo, November 9-11 at the Suburban Collection Showplace.

Who Are We?

This unique opportunity has brought together a truly unsurpassed team of professionals collaborating to produce what is sure to be a world class event. The Novi Equestrian Expo promotion team is being led by Blair Bowman, owner of Suburban Collection Showplace. He has extensive experience with the production of successful events including the Michigan Golf Show, which since its inception in 1994 has grown to become the largest consumer golf show event in the nation. For the Novi Equestrian Expo, Bowman has wisely created a partnership with ithe Michigan Horse Council, making them a Partner and presenting Sponsor..

Why Exhibit?

The Novi Equestrian Expo will give your business exposure to thousands of equestrians just in time for the holiday season! Network with other industry professionals while you introduce your product to the masses. The content of the show in combination with its multi-level marketing campaign guarantees your business will receive a return on investment that far exceeds your expectations!

Non-Profit Fundraising Program

The Novi Equestrian Expo has created a program to facilitate in the fundraising initiative of non-profit equestrian organizations. Every no-profit organization that signs up for a booth at the Novi Equestrian Expo will be given the option of receiving a block of 50 tickets that they can sell for a minimum of $8 each. All of the money collected from these tickets goes to the organization, with the exception of the booth fee of $175. In order to participate in this program, organizations must fill out the Non-Profit Organization form and fax or mail it in with an initial deposit of $50. Full payment of the remaining $125 is due by November 1, 2014.

Retail Booths

Standard Space (10 x 10) = $350
Corner and Island Space Fee = Additional $50
End Cap Fee = Additional $100

How is the Mn Horse expo?

I wanted to go the big azz world horse expo and didn't make it (yet). I did manage to go to the Peruvian Paso Nationals in Tx, years ago. It was a blast!!!! I still have a T shirt from it. I refuse to throw it out. lol.
A few hundred years ago I went to the Kansas City Royal. :D
No I didn't go to ride, I was totally a spectator. It was a good thing, I'd have fell off a lot due to all my rubber necking.

I know of one place you might be

by Sheltie_Monster

Able to volunteer.
Have you ever attended the MN Horse Expo? It is held every year (3rd weekend in April) at the MN State Fairgrounds.
One year, I volunteered to walk horses for the children's pony rides. It just consisted of walking around and around, leading a horse with kids on them.
This would at least give you an opportunity to meet some other horse-centric people. Express your interest in volunteering, and get to know some people in the horse world.
I can find you a link if you are interested?

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Popular Q&A

When is the horse expo in norcal?

norcal? Northern Ca?? Do you mean the equine affair?

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