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Horse Expo in Harrisburg

Horse Expo Harrisburg Pennsylvania

To start your “Horse Season” off right, plan to attend one of our Penn State University, PA Equine Council’s and the University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center - Seminars held on February 21-24, 2013 at the Pennsylvania Horse World Expo at the Harrisburg, PA Farm show Complex.

4 days of fabulous speakers scheduled!

  • Latest on equine health, feeding and welfare.
  • New laws and regulations that can impact your farm and property.
  • A variety of topics provide something of interest to everyone. Whether you are thinking of starting a horse business, looking at colleges or vet school, wondering about what's new in vet medicine for horses, or how to best care for and feed them, you will find a seminar to help you and your horse.

11th Annual Pennsylvania Horse World Expo Offers the Best of the Best in the Horse Industry

  • Top quality seminars and clinics - meet and learn from industry professionals from all over the country.
  • The experts will join us to discuss topics covering virtually every aspect of horse care and training.
  • There are three arenas and two seminar halls, which will have activities scheduled continuously throughout the weekend.
  • Penn State University, PA Equine Council and University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center will be providing speakers.
  • Stop by Penn State University, PA Equine Council, and the University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center booths to answer any and all of your questions.
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Sacramento Mile Cancelled

by gasgasiowa

The Sacramento Mile, scheduled for July 26 at the Cal Expo in Sacramento, California, has been cancelled.
The news comes this afternoon via a press release from event promoter Bob Bellino.
"This is a very unfortunate turn of events," said Bob Bellino. "We're sorry that we won't be able to host the AMA Pro Flat Track races at the Cal Expo venue this year. There were unexpected complications with the horse racing industry regarding track conditions that have led to the improbable cancelation of the event. It is very disheartening to me that we won't run the Sacramento Mile in 2014

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Taiwan Design Expo to kick off in Taitung  — Taiwan Today
2-17 at Taitung Sugar Factory in southeastern Taiwan, showcasing the country's prowess as a global design center. .. A total of 10 local designers will use these colors to build their ideal homes at the exhibition's main pavilion, the Green Island Hotel.

Popular Q&A

What is the cheapest place to go horse back riding in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania?

There are no rates shown for these stables near Harrisburg. Please call Spirit Stables 717-697-9757;Stables at 717-426-1515 MORE?

When is the Pennsylvania Fire Expo in Harrisburg PA?

The 30th annual Fire Expo will be at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Pa., on May 17–19. ChaCha!

Anybody going to the World Horse Expo in Harrisburg Saturday?

I'm heading there with the Bucknell Equestrian Team, going to be there mad early for the dressage! If you're going to be there, look for the dark blue jackets with orange lettering on the back, and say hey at us!

We were planning to be there, but unsure now because of the icy weather forecast for Virginia. But if the roads are clear, we'll be there, and I'll look for you!!

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