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Homemakers Expo in South Africa

HOMEMAKERS has for the past two decades developed a unique bouquet of media opportunities, enabling advertisers to communicate to discerning homeowners in the major urban areas of South Africa. Striving to bring consumers and service providers together, HOMEMAKERS is the number one portal for home improvement in South Africa.


HOMEMAKERS is responsible for two of South Africa's leading direct advertising magazines: HOMEMAKERSfair and renovate (previously HOMEMAKERStaslk).

Since the first 16-page publication was launched in Johannesburg in 1982, the company has become the market leader in direct advertising, with 10 national and specialised home lifestyle magazines. Boasting a phenomenal verified free distribution (VFD) of over 1.2 million magazines monthly, HOMEMAKERSonline is the best choice for both advertisers and homeowners in South Africa.

As a natural extension of these successful direct response magazines, the first HOMEMAKERS Expo was launched in 1994 and currently the company hosts five shows in South Africa each year. These expos address a specific niche market and have achieved exceptional success by satisfying the needs of thousands of exhibitors from within the home lifestyle industry as well as homeowners requiring their products and services. HOMEMAKERS Expo is the perfect place for homeowners who are looking for a little inspiration when it comes to home improvement.

Our latest offering, HOMEMAKERSonline, is a portal for both advertisers as well as South African homeowners seeking home improvement products, services and advice. As one of South Africa's leading sources of home improvement information, with HOMEMAKERSonline consumers will be able to find everything they need to make their fantasy homes a reality.


HOMEMAKERSonline 0861 114 663
HOMEMAKERS has regional offices in:
Bloemfontein 0861 466 351
Cape Town 0861 466 321
Durban 0861 466 331
Port Elizabeth 0861 466 341
Pretoria 0861 466 312
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Which brand are you looking at?

by Berkeley_designcenter

Was around half off the prices of the Interstyle glass tiles. Call around if you know the brand. Walker Zanger has a warehouse in Hayward (see their website) and gave me the 20% contractor's discount. They are expensive, but their tile is beautiful. Home Expo sucks, like home despot...great place to look though.

Check out McPhails

by Iptacita

They have a good website, knowledgable staff and have really decent delivery prices. After looking around quite a bit, I bought from them. I don't know if they install or what their prices are for that,though. HOme Expo has REALLY expensive deliver prices and their staff is not that great. They also have a great selection on the showroom floor (this was in Concord). They have other locations, too, though.

Style-challenged bathroom tile help?

by oceans

Our bathroom is on it's way back from being gutted, and i need to pick out tile for the floor and shower. however i have no sense of style to speak of and my usual hangouts (home depot, lowes and HD expo) are not helping much...
i am hoping to find a place with different tile ideas/displays to help me out, since i can't come up with anything decent on my own! do specific stores do this? i found a website or two, but with only a few pictures.

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