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After she lost her marketing job of 35 years, Schechter, then 60, knew she had to do something.

“I still needed income, ” Schechter said. “I knew I made a good butter cookie.”

That’s how Barbara’s Handmade Cookie Pies started – and four years later, her company is growing.

“I do a good business, ” Schechter said. “The trick is to get into wholesaling.”

Monmouth County’s entrepreneurial spirit was on display Saturday afternoon at Monmouth University for the third Made in Monmouth Expo.

The university’s Multipurpose Activity Center swarmed with shoppers perusing chocolates and cheesecakes, paintings, books, ice cream and jewelry.

Featuring more than 140 vendors in an expanded space, Made in Monmouth has expanded for the third year in a row Monmouth County Economic Development Director Amy Fitzgerald said.

“We keep making it bigger, ” Fitzgerald said. “Before I retire, we’re going to have

The exposition has become an annual event showcasing products made in Monmouth County.

Shoppers have free admission, and vendors are offered free exposition and sales space.

“These kind of expositions are very important, ” Schechter said. “It’s all about customer contact and letting people taste your product. You want to put your product into people’s hands.”

Debra and Tom Ocasio, who sell their handmade chocolates and confections at The Chocolate Lounge in Long Branch, got their start after Debra’s 20-year computer career came to an end.

“When everything was outsourced 10 years ago, I opened up a shop, ” Debra said. “I’m a ‘chocohoic.’ Everything’s better with chocolate.”

The Ocasios moved their business from Allentown to Long Branch two years ago.

“Then Sandy hit, so we’re struggling, but everybody’s happy as long as they have chocolate, ” Debra said. “Events like this are important because you get a lot of visibility. Normally, we’re competing with box stores, but here people come to these events looking for unique items.”

Ed Bucholtz, of Highlands, lost a 22-year-long job in Manufacturing four years ago.

“I had to think of something to do, ” Bucholtz said. “A lot of people like hot sauce, but most restaurants don’t have it on the table – and if they do, it’s something like Tabasco. I figured I had to make something better than Tabasco.”

Born To Hula Hot Sauces, now with seven flavors are made in Fair Haven. Proceeds from the sales of the newest sauce to the lineup, “Surge of Sandy, ” are donated to Monmouth County-area charities.

“We were out of commission after Sandy, but we still had our products made because we worked with a company in Ohio, ” Bucholtz said. “We try to give a little back when we can.”

For Teja Anderson, a freelance journalist and photographer from Monmouth Beach, Hurricane Sandy inspired a jewelry hobby and launched a small business.

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EMA to Honor Ben Stein

by 56andfixed

By Billy Gil | Posted: 10 Jun 2008
"The Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) will recognize Ben Stein with its “Freedom of Expression Award” during EMA's Home Entertainment Awards ceremony June 24."
"The ceremony is part of EMA's Home Media Expo 2008, June 24-26 at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas."
"Stein, a writer, actor, filmmaker, economist and lawyer, recently starred as the host of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, a documentary on intelligent design and its contention within the scientific community

Says the guy who turns the water blue

by spponfedbs

With chemicals 2000 flushes at a time.
I feel too guilty flushing the toilet after just one pee.
I saw an item at a home expo for a "green" product: It took the water from your shower/sink drain and piped it back into your toilet tank.
Water man, it's gonna be the new oil.
First on the list: Blow up Las Vegas.

Dubai Unveils Plans for World's Largest Mall


Dubai Unveils Plans for World's Largest Mall
It will include 100 hotels, a theme park, and a climate-controlled network of streets
Being home to one of the world's largest malls is apparently not enough for the rulers of the United Arab Emirates, even just five years after Dubai was crippled by a massive debt crisis. The nation’s ruler, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, says his planned Mall of the World will, at 8 million square feet, be twice as large as Minnesota's Mall of America, and include a theme park covered in the summer, 100 hotels and apartments, and yes, an entire street network that is climate-controlled


by Intel-Apple

Apple Computer Inc.'s plan to move to Intel Corp.'s processors appears to be coming togetherNew Intel platforms are just around the corner, while Apple's Mac OS X for Intel processor machines has been brought up to speed, according to developers.
Apple has even moved to trademark Rosetta, the company's software solution for running existing PowerPC-based applications on Intel-based Macs, according to an application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Thus, with all of the components it needs to offer the machines apparently at its fingertips, the Cupertino, Calif

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Taiwan Design Expo to kick off in Taitung  — Taiwan Today
2-17 at Taitung Sugar Factory in southeastern Taiwan, showcasing the country's prowess as a global design center. .. A total of 10 local designers will use these colors to build their ideal homes at the exhibition's main pavilion, the Green Island Hotel.

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