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Darius Deangelo EvansDarius Deangelo Evans

Courtesy police Courtesy police

A 21-year-old man was arrested in Sacramento on Tuesday, accused of creating credit cards in his name with stolen account numbers - and using that stolen data to spend thousands of dollars on electronics, clothes, shoes and jewelry, police said.

Darius Deangelo Evans was taken into custody on a felony warrant issued by the San Francisco Police Department, alleging he used the stolen information to make large purchases at a Bloomingdale's store in the city.

Evans is now held at the Sacramento County Jail on $500, 000 bond.

When a California State Fair attendee learned of unauthorized activity on his or her credit card at the Cal Expo event, police launched an investigation as to how that could have happened.

They looked into the matter for 10 days, according to a news release from the Cal Expo Police Department.

The card had been used on July 11, officials said.

The unauthorized credit card activity didn't take place on Cal Expo property - but the fairgoer was made aware of the fraud while at the State Fair, police said.

It's not clear exactly what led officers to Evans. Police caught up with him about 7:45 a.m. Tuesday in the 7200 block of Greenhaven Drive. It appears this is where Evans was renting an apartment.

At the unit, police found the following: computer equipment and electronics indicating Evans was likely creating the fake credit cards in his name, along with several thousand dollars in cash, dozens of credit cards in various stages of completion, receipts, a loaded handgun, and signs he was likely involved in drug sales from his apartment, officers said.

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Verisign question

by FancyWoodwork

I hardly shop online, but did so tonight for a $520 home theatre system from electronics-expo dot com because they had an amazing price.
All seemed kosher until they asked for my credit card. I remember I should always look for the "https" (the "s" standing for secure) in their URL... and other clues that my sensitive data is supposed to be secure. But they don't use https. It's just a regular http. They have other pages explaining their security and displaying the verisign logo, which I suppose is good enough?
Can somebody enlighten me on how I should NOT worry about verisign? Is it the new system that replaces https for secure online shopping?
Thanks for helpful replies.

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