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So I went in to check it out. I looked at fabrics and talked with an associate. If I signed up for their credit card and used it to pay for the curtains and installation - you get a discount off the install, plus they refund the $250 onsite designers consulting fee, and if you pay it off in a year - there is zero interest to be paid.

I decided to go with it and signed up for the credit card. I was approved on the spot for way more than I needed - but that was cool.

So then a designer gets assigned to you and they schedule a time to come to your home, look things over, take measurements, and work with you so they can give you an accurate estimate of the cost. My designer was M.J. She came out, did her thing, and then I needed to go and look at fabrics.

So then I went through the draining process of looking at fabric samples. The first one I found was rather plain but for some reason I liked the color. They ordered a swatch sample and had it mailed to me so I could see what it would look like with my color palette. When I received it - it just did not work - I did not like the color when compared to the rest of my home.

So I went back and spent a couple of hours combing through sample books and found a number of interesting fabrics. I decided I needed/wanted something more ornate from a fabric design perspective. And so I found a number of fabric patterns - most of which contained a Paisley design.

I submitted my seven fabric picks and a few days later received the fabric swatches. After looking them over, I settled on the one I wanted - it is called: "Lyretail Wine" by a company entitled Fabricut. I also selected the hardware for hanging the curtains - rods and such.

After settling on the fabric choice - I was given a final quote and I went down to the Expo Design Center to pay for the whole kit and kaboodle. Another person from Expo Design Center - I think Jay was his name - came out to do a final precise measurement of everything.

Then it was time to wait a few weeks while the curtains were made.

Last week they called me to schedule the installation - today was that day. My Mom came over and hung out to let the installers in and do their thing so that I could get to work.

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There are many options

by MacBuddy

Check out Moen, Kohler, Price Pfister, Grohe...the list is long. There are many manufacturers who make long neck tub spout/valve ensembles. Some of them have hand held units that can be integrated as well.
Mine is a Grohe. It was expensive as hell but worth it.
I have installed many other brands. If you're anywhere near a Home Depot Expo store they have all kinds of stuff on display.

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