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Raizana Tea Company Announces Rebranding & New Product Packaging at Fresno Food Expo

Fresno—July 24, 2014— Today at the Fresno Food Expo, the Raizana Tea Company (Raizana Tea) announced the reveal of its new company rebranding and product packaging. Raizana Tea blends and packages its original line of wellness and sipping teas at its Downtown Fresno facility using all-natural and high-quality herbal ingredients. This will be Raizana Tea’s second year at the Expo.

hibiscus-front“We work very hard to continually improve our products, our flavors, and our quality, and we believe our image should reflect that. To improve is to change, and we love our new branding and packaging; it looks very futuristic and clean.” said Pablo Orozco, Co-owner at Raizana Tea Company.

Using minimalist lines and modern colorful design in its new branding, Raizana seeks to make a traditional product (herbal remedies and tea have been used for centuries in many cultures) more relevant and appealing to new generations of tea drinkers and all seekers of a healthier lifestyle. After all, these teas are not just your grandma’s boiled chamomile (so sorry grammy!)

“Sip to a New You”

Raizana Tea’s goal is to help its customers create healthy habits by making them more enjoyable. Customers find it easier to include Raizana Tea as part of their daily health routines simply because they really like the tasty blends. Raizana Tea accomplishes this by evaluating the safety, taste, nutritive value, and appearance of all of the ingredients they use.05 - 0aF6bsH Its teas are produced in a gluten-free facility and are also appealing to customers with vegan or vegetarian diets.

“We started Raizana in 2009 inspired by the home remedies and herbal teas our parents made for us as children in Mexico.” said Sol Orozco, Co-owner at Raizana Tea Company. “I’ve grown to enjoy the flavor possibilities of herbs, and after researching the safety and health properties of herbs we’ve created several blends that help with stress, digestion, sugar cravings, healthy weight loss, detox, good mood, etc, as well as several delicious sipping tea blends”, said Sol Orozco, who has a background in culinary arts and food chemistry.

Exposure & Growth

After its 2013 participation at the Fresno Food Expo, Raizana Teas received a lot of positive exposure, which allowed it to expand its distribution. Its teas are now served at many regional cafes and restaurants, and its retail line of lose-leaf tea pouches is distributed via online and wholesale channels throughout the US and Japan. Fresno customers can also purchase Raizana tea and sip on (or help create) the latest hot and iced tea flavors at the Raizana tea shop at 2011 Tuolumne St. (next to the Warnors Theater).

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