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The food industry’s revenue growth is now being driven by a consumer mega-shift from fast foods to healthy convenience food. This trend has catapulted Chipotle’s stock to more than $500 per share. It is reshaping your local 7-Eleven convenience store that now offers healthier food featuring freshly made sandwiches and fruits. And this consumer mega-shift is why the sale of the Coca-Cola Co.’s iconic sugary drinks are falling. Positive evidence on the health implications of Americans adopting a better diet is now surfacing with an encouraging report that the rate of diabetes for our youth is falling.

Natural Food Expo attendance explosion

I have been attending the Natural Food Expo West for years. It used to be a niche event held in a modest facility. The 2014 Expo was one of the most heavily attended events I have ever attended across industries (rivaling the solar industry for its attendance growth over the last few years). Healthy food vendors now fill several floors of the huge Anaheim Convention Center. The line to secure an attendance badge involved hundreds of people, stretched the length of the center’s main hall and remained that way for much of the morning. Healthy food has leaped from a marketing niche to a revenue growth engine for the food service industry.

Price plus depressed income levels restrain sales growth

Market research points to 64 percent of consumers buying green products. One out of five consumers buy mostly green products. Another four out of 10 buy a mix of green and traditional products. Less than two out of every 10 consumers are “unconcerned” and buy products without regard to long-term health impacts or environmental consequences.

Price and income level are the economic headwinds confronting a massive shift toward healthier and more sustainable consumer procurement. In today’s economy, 90 percent of consumers have not seen real income growth for more than 15 years. The pressure to balance household budgets and the higher price often associated with buying healthier food is the lid that is keeping this boiling pot of consumer demand for healthier diets from rapidly disrupting the food industry.

Three keys to winning the healthy convenience customer

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"After combing through three years of records, ANH-USA failed to find even one case of an unlicensed nutrition practitioner causing harm to a patient, and not one consumer complaint had ever been filed. In fact, the only complaints were those filed by RD board members themselves."
"Continuing Education Brought to You by... Kellogg, Coca-Cola and ConAgra!
The dietary advice provided by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and their minions is quite poor because it's based on information from the processed food industry. You may not be aware that the AND is partnered with and sponsored by junk-food giants, including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Mars, and Kellogg

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