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Environmental Safety and Health Expo

Environmental Health and Safety promotes safety and environmental stewardship through the development and implementation of a variety of environmental, health and safety programs. Your awareness and involvement will help to ensure compliance and the well-being of our campus community.

Focus on Lab Safety

EH&S has issued 2 new lab safety policies: "Laboratory Safety" and "Working Alone in Research Labs". Both policies were reviewed and approved by the University Laboratory Safety Council. The policies apply to everyone working in a research laboratory at SBU, and will help protect laboratory workers from potential exposures to hazardous materials and processes found in the laboratory.

The Laboratory Safety Policy brings general laboratory safety requirements from several documents into one policy so that laboratory workers, supervisors and Principal Investigators can be easily informed about the requirements. The new policy also provides consistency between the EH&S biological safety, chemical safety and radiological safety guidance documents.

The Working Alone in Research Labs provides requirements and guidance to develop a lab specific safety protocol for working alone. Working alone, especially after hours, can be unsafe and should be avoided whenever possible. When it cannot be avoided, other available means to protect lab workers in the event of an emergency situation must be used. The Principal Investigator (PI) has the responsibility to ensure the safety of all lab workers in their laboratory, and after conducting a hazard review, can approve laboratory staff to work alone.

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TLDNR Rant: Race Registration

by mxs1

Rant #1
Active.com makes you uncheck 40 check boxes saying.
- No I don't want to subscribe to any magazines
- no I don't want to purchase a training plan
- no I don't want to buy a poster
- no I don't want to buy a VIP package
- No I don't want to pay $10,000 for a chance to win plane tickets
(I kid you not. Every single one of these were an option I was forced to select while registering for a race)
/End Rant
The only packet pickup is in the Fair

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Quarter-scale tractor teams score high at international competition  — High Plains Journal
This year's A Team—juniors and seniors—and its Powercat tractor placed second out of 29 entries, and the X Team—freshmen and sophomores—and its tractor placed third out of 13 entries at the May 29 to June 1 event at the Expo Gardens in Peoria ..

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