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Garden Expo Garden Centre Symposium

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Every year in June, the New Jersey Dental Association, the New Jersey Dental Hygienists’ Association, and the New Jersey Dental Assistants’ Association co-sponsor the Garden State Dental Conference & Expo.

The conference showcases the latest in dental technology, products, and services, to help your practice flourish. The conference brings members quality continuing education, prizes, and the ability to interact with dentists from all over New Jersey and your leadership at various social events.

Continuing education

Members are guaranteed discounts on all of the courses offered at the show. Frequently, several courses will be available for free. Many courses also come with a free breakfast or lunch.

Our courses are designed to emphasize the latest in clinical study, and are chosen to help satisfy members’ licensing requirements.

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Grey, please read...

by reptileguy71

I m 2 chokes on my own throat from cryin. i red your orig post.. i m sad for you ive been through that myself..if u go to the peoria reptile show, i will give you a baby sulcata. it is feb. 10th at expo gardens in peoria.. my name is george i vend there. just ask for me every 1 knows me.. i am so sorry about your tortoise, and would like to help....

Chehon - Seaview Garden Tour [Japan DVD] BVBL-89

Quarter-scale tractor teams score high at international competition  — High Plains Journal
This year's A Team—juniors and seniors—and its Powercat tractor placed second out of 29 entries, and the X Team—freshmen and sophomores—and its tractor placed third out of 13 entries at the May 29 to June 1 event at the Expo Gardens in Peoria ..

Popular Q&A

What is a "gardening centre" in England?

I read a news story about Julian Lennon buying a sick friend "vouchers for use at a gardening center near her home in Surrey in southeast England..."

What is a "gardening centre", and why would you have to purchase vouchers to use one? Can't people legally plant gardens in their own yards, or have community gardens in apartment complexes that are free to all to use?

Original story here :

Just confused how someone can be CHARGED to plant a garden??? You'd think this would be encouraged!

It was probably a garden centre. This is a store which sells plants, seeds, compost, tools, equipment, furniture, containers and anything else you might want in your garden - as well as houseplants large and small and things to look after them. They are usually really big.

Where is the Wyevale Garden centre located?

The Wyevale Garden has a chain of 130 gardens. These gardens can be located in different areas in the UK and London. These gardens are more then just a garden as they have aquariums and shops to look around in.

Home and Garden Expo Center: Where Are They?

There are two Home & Garden Expo Centers in the metro Phoenix area. Both are open 7 days per week, except on holidays.

In Scottsdale:

13802 N. Scottsdale Rd., Ste 142

(northwest corner of Scottsdale & Thunderbird Rd)


In Peoria:

8606 W. Ludlow

(west of the 101 & Thunderbird Rd., behind Dillon's Restaurant)


UPDATE: The Home and Garden Expo Centers closed in August 2010.

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