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Hart of the Garden OutsideThe Hart of the Garden (Floral) Building is the Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center’s premier space for meetings, weddings and receptions. Built in 2002, this facility features a lovely courtyard leading out into the beautiful floral gardens complete with paved pathways, waterfalls and ponds with goldfish! The building offers a separate lobby and meeting hall, making it ideal for weddings, receptions, banquets, seminars and elite business meetings.

Dimensions 50' X 80' (Hall); 40' x 25' (Lobby)
Square Feet 4, 000 (Hall), 1, 000 (Lobby)
Ceiling Height 13’6"
Meeting / Dining Capacity 220 (Hall), 40 (Lobby)
Floor Carpet (hall and lobby); 20‘ x 20’ cement dance floor
Heat & A/C Yes
Electrical 120/208v
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Quarter-scale tractor teams score high at international competition  — High Plains Journal
This year's A Team—juniors and seniors—and its Powercat tractor placed second out of 29 entries, and the X Team—freshmen and sophomores—and its tractor placed third out of 13 entries at the May 29 to June 1 event at the Expo Gardens in Peoria ..

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What is the difference between florist chrysanthemums and garden chrysanthemums

'Florist' (or 'exhibition') chrysanthemums are specially bred for beauty, not hardiness. They can't take cold winters.
Unless you live where it's warm all year, stick to the 'garden' (or 'hardy') chrysanthemums at your local garden store, where the stock is tailored to your local conditions.
All Chyrsants are beautiful it depends on where you live how they survive.

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